How do we take our game from the range to the course?

With golf, one of the biggest challenges for us as players is for us to take our games from the practice facility out to the golf course.  It can be a challenge because we aren't always able to play as much as we would like.  So a game like below is a great way to start moving from your skills out to the course.

As you can see with the game above, there are some moving parts, but it is important to constantly be looking at your expectations for each shot as it varies, and also understand what a good and bad shot actually is.  Give this game a try, I think it's a great one to help you start getting a feel for on the course!

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Real Fundamentals of Golf Part 1

What are the real fundamentals of golf?  Forever it's been talked about that your grip, posture, stance and aim were the most important things that make you successful.  But in reality I don't see these things helping people improve.  Learning these real fundamentals are the key to golf success long term!

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