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How do you respond to a poor round?

The hardest thing to do in golf is take your game from the range to the golf course.  If this sounds like you, just know that you're not alone and everyone at every level struggles with this.  In 2010, Tiger Woods was making his return to The Masters Tournament and he hadn't competed in several months.  He had new golf swing thoughts and he went to Augusta National and tried to implement his changes.  He failed to finish the front 9 because he lost all 6 golf balls he brought with him and witnesses projected him to be on track to not break 50.  

He took what he learned from this experience and then went on to finish T-4th two weeks later.  Why is this story relavant?  Most of us that are working on our games are trying to work on a move to get better and shoot lower scores.  When we go out to play golf or hit balls, we want more than anything to succeed, but it is scary to put our new skills to the test and see if they work.  

When a high performance player goes out to the golf course after learning a skill, they want to see if they have learned a skill enough to perform it when it counts.  If they don't succeed, they may be frustrated, but they don't abandon ship and go back to the drawing board.  They will go back to the range with what they have learned from the course and continue to work to master the skill they are working on and pushing themselves to perform it better.  They will once again head out to the golf course and try to perform again.  The cycle will repeat until they feel they have mastered their skill.

So if you are in your first couple of weeks or even a few months of learning a new skill, don't be discouraged if you can't quite put the skill into action on the golf course.  Take it as a challenge that you need a little bit more work and if you are willing to do it, you will become a master and you will have lower scores and a lifetime of better golf!

Good luck and lets make lots of birdies!