Elite Junior Programs

SHG Elite Junior Programs follow a carefully designed curriculum based around the E.P.I.C. coaching philosophy.  Our programs aim to give juniors a clear roadway to work towards becoming a highly skilled player that can compete in any level tournament.


E.P.I.C. Advanced

The flagship program of SHG that gets juniors started on the path to understanding the critical concepts of the game of golf.  Players begin a curriculum that covers the four key areas of the game and aims to educate and help players develop these critical skills.  Players work on their own individual path as a team similar to a college golf environment.  Players will also receive weekly homework and drill assignments that are recommended to complete.


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E.P.I.C. Elite

As players progress through the SHG curriculum, increasing their volume is critical to increasing to the next skill level.  Players work in a small team environment but also increase to include a private lesson each week.  Players will receive weekly homework and drill assignments that are required to be completed to remain in the program.


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E.P.I.C. Collegiate

For players looking to extend to the collegiate and professional levels.  Players will complete a full game and physical evaluation to fully understand the current state of their game.  Then working with our fitness and golf professional team, a plan is developed to help players reach their desired goals.  Players are required to sign up for DECADE stat tracking to participate in the program.


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